Joseph Quinn: Everything about fan favorite Eddie Munson

Joseph Quinn is a British actor who has been making waves in Hollywood with his impressive performances on both the big and small screens. With his natural talent and formal training, Quinn quickly became a rising star in the entertainment industry. From his breakout role in the BBC series “Dickensian” to his recent turn as Eddie Munson in “Stranger Things,” Quinn has proven himself to be a versatile and captivating actor who can bring depth and nuance to every character he portrays.

He is best known for his roles in various TV shows and films, including “Game of Thrones,” “Dickensian,” “Les Misérables,” and “Overlord.”

From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise, this article will take you on a journey through the life and career of Joseph Quinn. We’ll explore his earliest roles, his passion for acting, and the intense training that has honed his skills. We’ll delve into his most notable performances, from his breakout role in “Dickensian” to his captivating turn in “Stranger Things,” and examine what makes his acting style so unique and powerful. So come along and discover the fascinating world of Joseph Quinn – a true master of his craft.

Joseph Quinn Age, Height, and Physical Appearance

Joseph Quinn

Joseph Quinn was born on March 23, 1994, which makes him 28 years old as of 2022. He stands at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm), giving him a commanding presence on both stage and screen.

NameJoseph Quinn
  • 6’1 Inches or
  • 185cm
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1994
Birth Place Liverpool, England.
Eye ColourBlue Eyes

Regarding physical appearance, Joseph Quinn has striking features that make him stand out in a crowd. He has piercing blue eyes that can convey a wide range of emotions, and a strong jawline and high cheekbones define his facial structure. He also has a lean and athletic build, which he maintains through regular exercise and healthy habits.

Overall, Joseph Quinn’s physical appearance complements his talent as an actor, allowing him to bring depth and authenticity to every character he portrays. With his impressive stature and unique features, he has quickly become one of the industry’s most recognizable and sought-after actors.

Eddie Munson, aka Joseph Quinn Early life & Career

Born in Manchester, England, Joseph Quinn had a passion for acting from an early age. He attended St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School and later St. Bede’s College, where he honed his acting skills. Quinn was also a member of the Youth Theatre in Manchester, where he was able to perform in several productions.

Quinn’s professional acting career began in 2012 when he landed a small role in the British soap opera “Doctors.” He went on to appear in several other TV shows and films, but it wasn’t until his breakout role in the BBC series “Dickensian” in 2015 that he started to gain recognition as an actor.

Joseph Quinn’s Insta & Twitter Accounts

He maintains a minimal profile across all social media platforms. After Stranger Things 4 Volume 1‘s release, Joe created an Instagram account. “A friend” administers the account, according to his recent Vulture interview. And most of his seven posts are Stranger Things related.


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Joseph Quinn Net Worth & Education

In addition to his natural talent, Joseph Quinn has also received formal acting training. He attended the Manchester School of Theatre, part of Manchester Metropolitan University. The program is known for its rigorous training in classical acting and theatre and has produced several successful actors, including Christopher Eccleston and Julie Walters.

As for his net worth, Joseph Quinn’s exact earnings are not publicly known. However, given his growing popularity and impressive resume, it’s safe to say that he has a solid financial foundation. In addition to his acting work, Quinn has also been involved in several philanthropic initiatives, including fundraising for the Christie NHS Foundation Trust. This charity supports cancer research and treatment in the UK.

Joseph Quinn Movies and Tv Shows

Eddie Munson

Since “Dickensian,” Quinn has appeared in several high-profile movies and TV shows. In 2017, he appeared in the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” as Koner, a member of the Night’s Watch. He also played Enjolras in the BBC adaptation of “Les Misérables” in 2018, which showcased his vocal range and stage presence.

In 2018, Quinn starred in the horror film “Overlord” as Grady, a young soldier fighting Nazi zombies. The film was a commercial and critical success, and Quinn’s performance was praised for its intensity and range.

Most recently, Joseph Quinn appeared in season 4 of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” as Eddie Munson, a new character who quickly became a fan favorite. His portrayal of Eddie, a rebellious and charismatic teenager, won over audiences with his charm and vulnerability. He’s quite popular among Stranger Things Cast like Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin. Quinn’s ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters has made him a rising star in Hollywood.

Joseph Quinn Movies and Tv Shows

  • Stranger Things as Eddie Munson
  • Game of Thrones as Koner
  • Small Axe as PC Dixion
  • C.B Strike as Billy Knight
  • Catherine the Great as Prince Paul
  • Dickensian as Arthur Havisham

Upcoming Movies and TV shows

  • A Quiet Place: Day One
  • Hoard
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Joseph Quinn: The British Actor Making Waves in Hollywood

Joseph Quinn’s talent and hard work have certainly paid off, as he has received increasing recognition in Hollywood for his performances. In particular, his role as Eddie Munson in the fourth season of “Stranger Things” has garnered him great attention and praise from fans and critics.

The Tonight Show

Following his success on “Stranger Things,” Joseph Quinn has several exciting upcoming projects. He is set to star in the upcoming drama film “The Life and Death of John Gotti,” which will tell the story of the infamous New York City crime boss. Quinn will play the role of John Gotti Jr., the son of John Gotti, who became the head of the Gambino crime family. The film also stars John Travolta, who will play John Gotti Sr., and will be directed by Kevin Connolly.

In addition to “The Life and Death of John Gotti,” Joseph Quinn is also set to star in the upcoming thriller “She Will,” directed by Charlotte Colbert. The film follows the story of a grieving mother who becomes convinced that her daughter’s new boyfriend is dangerous and will stop at nothing to protect her family.

Quinn’s rising star in Hollywood is also reflected in his recent signing with the top talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA). This move signals that he is recognized as a serious talent in the industry and is likely to receive even more high-profile roles in the future.


how old is Joseph Quinn?
Joseph Quinn was born on March 23, 1994, which makes him 29 years old as of 2023.

how tall is Joseph Quinn
He is 6 feet, 1 inch (185 cm) tall, which gives him a strong stage and screen presence.

is joseph quinn gay
No, Joseph Quinn isn’t gay.

Did Joseph Quinn actually plays the guitar in the Stranger Things finale?
Yes, In the show, Joseph was the one who played the intro to the song personally. “I was very lucky in the fact that I’ve been playing [guitar] since I was young. I’ve had a huge amount of time off, but when I read the script, I went and bought the guitar and started practicing manically,” he recently disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter in July.

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